From La Lune of Long Beach to MONOROM Cambodian Restaurant:

In April 2011, La Lune, the world  famous Cambodian restaurant in Long Beach, California, was destroyed by fire.

As the family tiredly awaits the opportunity to rebuild, we decided to open a smaller family style restaurant in the heart of Cambodia Town, namely MONOROM. With good fortune, we were able to recruit a few key staff members that were at the core of the kitchen operation. We’re extremely excited that we were able to retain our Master Chef, who specializes in True Authentic Khmer Cuisine. This family style restaurant is our version of good old fashioned home cooking with some added specialties.

 Our Master Chefs: Master Chefs of Monorom Cambodian Restaurant in Long Beach

Pros Chea, General Mananager

General ManagerFor the past 5 years, Pros Chea was responsible for the daily operations of the world famous La Lune restaurant of Long Beach,CA. We are both excited and blessed to have Mr. Chea managing MONOROM’s operations. His incredible talents and experience in the management of large restaurant operations will prove to be instrumental in assuring the success of a smooth and successful handling of our daily operations.

Pok Sim, Master Chef

Master ChefMrs. Pok Sim has over 40 years of experience in producing Authentic Cambodian cuisine. For the last 10 years, Mrs. Pok was one of the head Chefs at La Lune restaurant. Her area of specialty is noodle and authentic Khmer cuisines. We are excited to have her as our Master Chef, and to see her culinary mastery in this new family style restaurant where she is able to focus on quality and not quantity, and truly creating those authentic flavors from the old country.

Moisey, Master Wok Chef

Master Wok ChefFor over 20 years, Mr. Moisey has been assisting and mastering his craft under various Cambodian Master Chefs. It is our honor to have Mr. Moisey as part of the Monorom culinary staff and have now promoted Mr. Moisey to Master Wok Chef at MONOROM. With his mastery of the WOK and extensive experience working under a number of master chefs, Mr. Moisey is now a master of his own dishes turning out bold PAN ASIAN flavors which in many cases surpass that of his former Masters.